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Spiral Dryer Belt Impervious to Hydrolytic Degradation

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Product Manual:Spiral Dryer Belt Impervious to Hydrolytic Degradation


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Spiral Dryer Belt, Spiral Dryer Fabric, Impervious to Hydrolytic Degradation, 100% Spiral Construction Eliminates The Need for A Conventional Seam. This Design Is Also Very Durable and Has Excellent Resistance to Distortion.


Made By World-Class Heatsetting Tables and ISO 9001 Certified Procedures

For all kinds of paper machines working with speeds up to 1600 m/min.,constructed by special PES materials made by round or rectangle diameters with high resistance against hydrolysis.

Spiral Drying fabrics for conventional drying groups and slalom
- Uniform application of pressure to sheet in CD direction
- High ventilation
- High diagonal stability
- Wide range of air permeability

- for production of newspaper paper
- for production of print paper
- for production of magazine paper
- for production of cardboard paper
- for production of package paper
- for production of carton
- for production of bag paper
- for production of recycled paper

According to structure, polyester spiral dryer fabric can be divided to round yarn spiral fabric and flat yarn spiral fabric.

The round yarn spiral dryer fabric is suitable for the drying section of paper machine and printing and dying machine, and can be used in coal washing machine and horizontal filter. It is convenient to use with a long life time and easy to join together.

The flat yarn spiral dryer fabric is suitable for high speed paper machines. The flat spiral structure brings a higher anti-wearing surface, and provides a smooth surface with increases contacting areas for improved drying performance. This spiral structure is also more dimensionally stable than woven dryer fabrics and has no seam marks.

KEYLIFE is a professional manufacturer of industrial fabrics in China. The plant ranks one of top 5 in the industry in the country, with a registered capital of USD 19 Million and an annual sale over USD 10 Million.

Main products are paper machine clothing and belts, including forming fabrics, woven dryer fabrics, spiral fabrics and filtration belts. All these products are strongly supported by the leading technologies which keep pace with the world.
The company has the latest world-class equipments in its 32000sqm plant, including high speed weaving looms from Germany and UK, leading hot airbox table and hot oil table, and automatic seaming machines from Austria. Maximum fabric size can be 100m long and 12m wide.
The plant is ISO 9001 certified and is the supplier of many big paper mills and famous filtration companies in the world.



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