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Single Layer Forming Paper Clothing

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Product Manual:1.5 Layer Forming Paper Clothing for Recycled Paper Machine Forming Area


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1.5 Layer Forming Paper Clothing for Recycled Paper Machine Forming Area, Single Layer Forming Fabric -5 Shaft, Uniform Mesh, High Fiber Supporting, for Brown Grade Paper

Made by Jurgens 13m Wide Weaving Looms and Austria Automatic Seaming Machine

The forming section consists of a long moving belt of fine mesh screen supported by rolls or foils. For many decades, this screen belt was made of bronze and called the “wire.” Today it is made of synthetic polymer — primarily polyester monofilament — and is called the forming fabric. Newer machines (gap formers) trap the slurry out of the slice between two forming fabrics. As the forming fabric moves along the forming section, water drainage is assisted by foils. The fiber then passes over the suction boxes to pull more water from the furnish. Still more water is removed at the couch roll just before the sheet leaves the forming section. At this point, the sheet consistency is about 20%.

Dedicated research has produced synthetic forming fabrics that yield improved drainage, higher production and longer life at a lower cost per ton of paper produced.

Keylife’s forming fabrics are available in a wide variety of meshes, depending on the type of paper produced. Coarse mesh fabrics are used to manufacture heavy paper grades such as those used in the production of corrugated boxes. Very fine mesh fabrics are required for lightweight paper, such as writing paper, book paper and magazine paper. The average life span of a forming fabric, depending on the type of paper, is approximately three months.

10 shaft 1.5 layer fabrics for long life potential and improved stability. Available in standard polyester or polyamide, which can promote greater life potential and reduced energy consumption. 5 shaft single layer designs are also available for tissue application.

Material: Polyester monofilament (PET 100%)

Single Layer Forming Fabric is usually used in slow or medium speed paper machine. Although its structure is simple, it has a uniform mesh, a fine surface, high fiber supporting index, good dewatering, light fabric mark and a high fiber retention.

The fabric can be widely used in writing paper, cultural paper, electrostatic copy paper, newsprint, two-sided offset paper, tip paper for cigarette, cigarette paper, invoice paper, specialty paper, tissue etc.

KEYLIFE is a professional manufacturer of industrial fabrics in China. The plant ranks one of top 5 in the industry in the country, with a registered capital of USD 19 Million and an annual sale over USD 10 Million.

Main products are paper machine clothing and belts, including forming fabrics, woven dryer fabrics, spiral fabrics and filtration belts. All these products are strongly supported by the leading technologies which keep pace with the world.
The company has the latest world-class equipments in its 32000sqm plant, including high speed weaving looms from Germany and UK, leading hot airbox table and hot oil table, and automatic seaming machines from Austria. Maximum fabric size can be 100m long and 12m wide.
The plant is ISO 9001 certified and is the supplier of many big paper mills and famous filtration companies in the world.



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