Keylife Industrial Fabric


Keylife Industrial Fabric

The variety of spiral fabrics of today that are produced on high speed modern spiral like produced on Leo Feinwerktechnik machines can replace almost any woven dryer section fabrics. Spiral fabrics today are available in permeability range from 80-1200 cfm and caliper in range as low as 1.5mm-1.7mm. They result in providing longer run life and improved air movement and drying rates. Since flat monofilament yarns are used to obtain reduced thickness it also results in improvement of overall surface contact area compared to woven dryer belts. Do not forget the seam. there is essentially no seam in a spiral fabric belt. They can also be produced with either regular and high temperature resistant monofilaments such as PPS.

About the manufacturing cost. High costs should not be a factor when using modern high output production equipment for spiral fabric. In fact past work has shown many times reduced cost to mfg. spiral fabrics compared to woven. Compared to spiral fabrics .... Seam formation on woven PMC belts alone adds significant cost to a woven belt. However, the extra run life achieved with spirals offsets any added cost.

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