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KEYLIFE is a professional manufacturer of industrial fabrics in China.  It is one of the leading companies in the industry in China, with a registered capital of USD 19 Million and an annual sale over USD 10 Million.

The plant is ISO 9001 certified and is the supplier of many big paper mills and famous filtration companies in the world.

With a plant area of 32000 square meter,  the plant has following equipments:

A. 5 high speed weaving looms from Jurgens and Texo;

B. 1  hot airbox table, 1 hot oil table, 2 hot cylinder table for heatsetting and finishing;

C. 2 automatic seaming machines, 60 manual seaming machines.

Main products are paper machine clothing(PMC) and filtration belts,

A. Forming fabrics for paper machine clothing

B. Press felts for paper machine clothing

C. Woven dryer fabrics for paper machine clothing

D. Spiral fabrics for paper machine clothing and filtration

E. Industrial filtration belts

Permeability varies from 90CFM to 900CFM, and material can be polyester, nylon, or PPS. Also different patterns & structures available. Maximum size can be 100m long and 12m wide.

These products have a wide application in paper making, conveyor and industrial filtration of wastewater, sludge dewatering, belt press, press filter, mining, fly ash, MDF, aluminum, food processing, desulfurization, tailings reservoirs, phosphate, wool industry, fertilizer etc, with a long lifetime.

In addition to standard styles, custom design and OEM are welcome.



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